The Four Arts of Kite Construction

by Wang Nian

Art and Technique of Chinese Kite Constuction

The Four Arts of Kite Construction

consist of:
  • Building which means choosing the suitable bamboo material, splitting it, bending, cutting and connecting
  • Glueing which means choosing the suitable covering material, cutting, glueing, seams and borders, some recommendations
  • Painting which covers the theme concerning colours and clouring, ground, copying, and decorating
  • Flying which covers wind, lines, flying with respect to several chinese types of kites and  some recommendations

The first thre Arts and techniques will be covered within the next hyperlinks.

Some texts are missing due to translating difficulties. Please drop in later to see if completion happend.

Art of Construction

Art of Glueing and Covering Techniques 

Art of Painting and Decorating

Choosing Bamboo
Splitting Bamboo
Cutting Bamboo
Bending Bamboo
Bamoo Connecting Techniques
Choosing the Suitable Material
Glueing and Pasteing
Some Technical Recommendations

Improving Appearance
Choosing Suitable Colours
Ground and Painting
Copying, Colouring, Decorating
The Correct Sequence og Glueing and Painting

The Art of Flying Chinese Kites is covered in a special feature.

Copyright 2002 ff: Hans P. Boehme and Feifei Xu