Cutting Bamboo

Cutting is the finishing process after dividing. It uses blades to scrape bamboo into bamboo, making bamboo strips of various widths, thicknesses and slopes we need to make various kite parts. Traditionally, the "exhaust" method is usually used, that is, the operator sits down, spreads a thick cloth over his legs, holds the bamboo with his left hand, the bamboo skin facing down, and the right hand holds the knife horizontally. Pull out the bamboo board forcefully with your left hand, and then cut off a layer of bamboo meat (see Figure 6-5).
 Properly adjust the angle and pressure of the blade and the bamboo board to change the thickness of the bamboo batten.

Nowadays, we don't want to damage clothes when processing kites, thus prefer to work on a workbench. Therefore, using woodworking planes to plane bamboo battens has become a common method. This bamboo cutting method is easy to master and has high processing accuracy, so it is recommended that you use it. In addition to the above cutting methods, there are also wooden files (such as smoothing bamboo knots) and scraping tools with a blade (for final finishing).


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