Cutting Techniques

Cutting refers to the cutting of mask materials, just like cutting clothes.

1. Take shape:

It is easy to take the shape of the upper plane part of the kite. Just spread the masking material on the kite drawing, and trace the shape. But there are many curved surfaces on the kite, for instance the wing of a sand swallow, which is a complex surface. When tracing the shape, it is better to put a piece of paper on the skeleton of the sand swallow's wing, cut it off along the edge, and then draw it according to the paper pattern on the masking material.

2. Keep aside:

When blanking, it must be slightly larger than the edge of the paper pattern and slightly larger than the curl used for pasting.

3. Texture:

Whether it is paper or textiles, most of them have their own texture direction. When cutting the material, you must consider the texture. Make sure to make the left and right textures of the kite symmetrical, and try to avoid using inclined textures. This is the only way to guarantee the greatest possible symmetry and thus stability of the kite.

4. Save materials:

Without affecting the above three requirements, how to save materials is a problem that should be paid attention to when cutting materials.


Copyright 2002 ff: Hans P. Boehme