Background Colours

Many kites need to be painted with the background color before painting. This section will talk about the background colour. For example, before drawing textures on the wings of Dragonflies or Cicada kites, the background colour must be applied first. Red background colour is used for red dragonflies, green background colour for green dragonflies, and yellow background colour for cicada.

This background color needs generally to be applied before it is painted with additional drawings or textures. Because the background colour is spread over a large area, uniform or colour gradient painting is required. Working the paper or silk is often the first step to be done.
Just spread alum pretreated silk on the table, and apply a layer of water on the surface with a brush to make it wet, then use a brush to evenly coat the transparent surface colour; then wait for a while, and brush again when it is not completely dry until it is moderate dry. Iron it after it is completely dry.

If there is no requirement for colour gradient, the background color can be treated by dyeing. Put the colouring dye into a flat tray (such as a flat tray for washing photos) and cut the paper or silk to be smaller than the width of the tray. Take the two corners of one end of the paper (or silk) with your hands and immerse it in the color water. Then gently pull the paper along the edge of the tray, and the paper will be soaked and colored. After the whole paper is drawn with excess water, gently hang the paper on a rope prepared in advance, like drying a sheet; iron it after complete drying for flattening. If you can buy pre-dyed colored paper and colored silk, you can use it directly instead of dyeing it yourself (question of expense).


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