China  (TaiWan) 2014

(Kinder beim Spielen    (aus   Klein-Block)
(Children at Play; joint pair from booklet)


2011 New Taipei City International Kite Festival,
        ShiMen, XinBeiShi, Taiwan (2011-09-24/25 und 2011-10-01/02)

  "Children at Play",  Kindermarken (5 Werte) zum 103. Republik-Jubilaeum ("103.04.02") 
hier: teilgeschnittener Wert aus Kleinblock siehe FDC, Kleinblock oder Geschenkset            

"Children at Play", childrens stamps (5 values) in commemoration of the 103rd anniversary of the
Republic of China 
("103.04.02") on display: partly imperforated joint pair version from small     
cf. FDC, booklet, or gift set                                                                                   



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