Centipede Kites

Centipedes are kites-trains with a dragon head and a train of equally dimensioned kite disks. Head and disks are interconnected with one, mostly three lines. Centipedes may have enormous tractive power. These kites gives an attractive and vivid in-flight view, especially when the wind moves and deforms the kite train. Centipedes with dragon heads are typical for this kind of kite and are a specialty of WeiFang.

Centipedes are available in all kinds of sizes: several hundred meters long with huge heads that may breath fire (as a kind of fireworks of course),  and needs a team of operators to manage, or very small centipede kites, that fly with the help of a thin stick. There are classical ones (see below), but also centipede kites with unusual style or other kinds of unusual heads.

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Centipede 1001 Centipede 1002 Centipede 1003 Centipede 1004

More centipedes, some with in flight photographs, can be found on the centipede section in an other kite collection. Ofcourse, there are also other kites to admire.

And for all fans of Centipedes, there is of course also a centipede patch, to decorate jackets, caps
or other kinds of clothings. Just have a look at the kite accessories section.

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