"Kite-Man the 'Super Villain'"
auf Kite-Man klicken um ihn 'Kiten' zu sehen
Click on Kite-Man to see him 'Kiting'
点击风筝人即可看到他 “放 风筝”


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Background 背景

Charles "Chuck" Brown Sr. was an aerodynamics engineer whose son Charles jr. died in a gang-war between the Riddler and the Joker. The result caused Chuck to arm himself with kite weapons to commit crimes. He flied with a big kite strapped to him. He also used a barrage of kites to overwhelm his enemies. He has run afoul of Batman, Robin, Hawkman, and Hawkgirl on different occasions.

老查尔斯“查克”布朗是一位空气 动力学工程师,他的儿子小查尔斯。 死于谜语人和小丑之间的帮派战争中。 结果导致查克用风筝武器武装自己去犯罪。 他身上绑着一只大风筝,飞了起来。 他还用大量的风筝来压倒敌人。 他曾在不同场合与蝙蝠侠、罗宾、鹰侠和鹰女发生冲突。

LEGO Batman Movie 乐高蝙蝠侠电影

Kite Man calls himself the master of kites. He wears a picture of a kite on his costume, uses kites for all of his super-villain tools and weapons, and even flies with the help of a giant kite when committing minor robberies and being a general nuisance. Although he’s surprisingly nimble in the air, it’s usually pretty easy to defeat him by just poking a hole in his kite. Bat-Fact: Once beat Batman. Batman doesn’t like to talk about it.

风筝人自称风筝大师。 他的服装上戴着风筝的图片,所有超级反派的工具和武器都使用风筝,甚至在犯下小抢劫和造成普遍滋扰时,还会借助巨型风筝飞行。 尽管他在空中出人意料地敏捷,但通常只要在他的风筝上戳一个洞就很容易击败他。 蝙蝠侠事实:曾经击败过蝙蝠侠。 蝙蝠侠不喜欢谈论它。